About the Author


Marissa Siegel began her authorship and copywriting business, Custom Copywriting, in the Portland area in 2016. She started as a young student with a talent for writing and an interest in communication. After a masters degree at University of Maryland and a career in speech-language pathology that brought about a deep understanding and appreciation of the English language, she branched out to bring more freedom and flexibility to her life. Now, Marissa’s latest work highlights her superpower for bringing speech therapy knowledge and children’s needs to light through children’s books.

This move suits her craving to understand communication and make connections through language. Her work is especially exciting for families of children with a need for speech therapy services hunting for the right way to bring fun and knowledge to the process.

Marissa is also passionate about helping others and working to build up her community. She builds connections with a book from her little free library and a friendly conversation.

Drawing upon her many years of experience in language and communication, Marissa Siegel offers a lighthearted, yet professional approach in her own private practice, Rising Star Speech and Language Services, and books to enjoy. She also contributes a blog, Communication Exploration, in the Roanoke Valley Family Magazine. She currently lives in the Roanoke, VA area with her husband and baby girl, and their four-legged family member, Banksy.