About the Illustrator

Kat's headshot

Most importantly, Kat Taylor’s favorite things to draw are flowers, cats, and mermaids. You have to have favorites and you have to have fun! This is especially true when illustrating children’s books.

Our fabulous illustrator grew up in Seattle. As a young girl, her parents took her to a paint-your-own pottery shop. She ever so carefully painted nothing but her very own signature. She had her autograph down at a very young age! Kat was also influenced by her grandfather, as one of her earliest memories includes him going into the woods to paint pictures of moose. Early on, her artist’s genes manifested in drawing.

As she grew older, Kat wanted to be a computer programmer. Her love of art led her to branch off into fine arts and ultimately web design as a graduate of Eastern Washington University with a Studio Art major with a focus in Digital Painting and a minor in Visual Communication and Design. She focused her vision and moved to Boston for graduate school and beyond. She now attends MassArt working towards her MFA in Fine Art, focusing on illustration and comics. Boston has a huge publishing industry along with great friends, wonderful connections, and new opportunities. She now dreams of illustrating and possibly even creating some of her own stories.

One of Kat’s hobbies is reading biographies. She enjoys the study of people and getting to know someone deeply through the stories of their lives. Leading with her artist’s eye, she now also enjoys character development through her own illustrations.

Kat’s motivation for being a part of Sammy Goes to Speech has to do with its warm positivity. Never having come across a book to help kids with speech therapy, this project seemed like a no brainer. Especially since Kat is so involved in current events, the book fills a need for her and for others as something positive to focus on. Plus, it benefits those that read it.

To learn more about Kat, follow her on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/katatomicart/ or check out her website: katatomicart.com.